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Michele Mikesell

  Thai Folklore series
Freezing the Octopus series

"I had dinner the other night with a group of interesting people.  A couple had recently returned from traveling. They explained that it is common practice in the Mediterranean to freeze an octopus prior to culinary preparation.  The act of freezing it breaks up the internal fibers and tenderizes it for consumption.

Although my paintings are narrative and figurative - the process of building a Painting has always been as interesting to me as any story I have to tell.   Paint as color and paint as matter  are the primary driving forces in my work.  I believe the creative process is very much a contradiction in that it is a battle between the artist and their work; yet at the same time it must be a symbiotic relationship - Otherwise, neither could survive.

People often ask  me how long it takes to complete a painting.  I usually answer that it is like any other battle, some are won overnight, and some go on for years.

These paintings are somewhat a departure from the iconographic path of human/animal relationships which may be expected from me.  In these paintings the story is the process. The Battle is the subject.  By taking my previous process of sanding further by destroying the painting with stripper and chisels, razor blades and solvents, I am essentially killing the idealized beauty of the expected image in order to revive it and create something interesting.

I think I'm freezing the octopus"

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